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Oily Duct Chimney Cleaning

➢ The oil layers formed in the chimneys of the stoves, grills, fryers and ovens in the kitchens of hotels, restaurants, diners, social facilities, cafeterias and food factories should be cleaned once every 3 months (depending on the frequency of use).

➢ Chimney maintenance and cleaning have an important place among fire protection measures.

➢ Every year, 20% of building fires in Turkey are caused by chimneys that are not cleaned.

➢ We are at your service with our expert staff certified by the Fire Brigade Department in oily duct chimney cleaning.

Oily Duct & Chimney Cleaning

➢ Our company, which carries out oily duct and soot chimney cleaning, cleans every business that has kitchens, ovens and stoves with its expert and experienced staff, with cleaning materials in international standards that are very effective in degreasing and cleaning.

➢ It is legally obligatory to have oily duct and chimney cleaning done.

➢ In accordance with the regulation, cleaning should be done once in a maximum of 3 months (depending on usage). Companies are responsible for possible fires. If they are not cleaned, it can cause fires.

➢ Stoves and heating chimneys used in homes are as important as oily ducts.

➢ If the system is not cleaned and controlled and there is any blockage in the chimney, carbon monoxide gas that cannot be discharged causes poisoning.

➢ For this reason, chimney cleaning is not optional, it is a mandatory application.

➢ Be sure to obtain the chimney cleaning certificate prepared by the companies that have the AUTHORIZATION CERTIFICATE from the fire department, indicating that they have chimney cleaning and maintenance.

Oily Duct, Chimney Cleaning

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The Importance of Oily Duct Chimney Cleaning

If chimney cleaning and hood cleaning are not done, it may cause fires, the oils accumulated along the channel leading to the chimney form a rubbery heap over time, this accumulation is oil-based and has a structure that is easily ignited and hard to extinguish, sparks or excessive heat increase from stoves and barbecues ignite the chimney and fire starts, chimney fires continue along the oily duct and continue until the chimney exit on the roof, this fire can ignite the roof, the fire can spread into the kitchen as a result of the cracking of the heated duct, the dense smoke that comes out during the fire can cause poisoning or suffocation of the occupants, If the oily duct is not cleaned, the accumulated on the hood pieces of oil can fall into the food cooked on the stove, the microbes and bacteria in this piece of food can cause mass poisoning. In places where the oily duct is not cleaned, a heavy smell of oil permeates everywhere. it creates a bad thought, the heavy oil smell in the place attracts cockroaches, mice, flies and other insects, even if the place is ventilated, if the oily duct is not cleaned, this heavy oil smell will not go away, Cleaning the oily duct is important in terms of health and work safety, as well as economically. It is important, if the snail motors that pull the smoke and food vapor upwards along the oily channel are not cleaned, they will be covered with oil over time, the wings that throw the air out will become difficult to rotate.