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It was established in 2013 by managers who entered the sector in 2011, and provides Vegetable Waste Oil Collection and Interim Storage services licensed by the ministry of environment and urbanisation.


Habitat Company is an authorized and licensed company that operates in accordance with the criteria specified in the 25791 numbered vegetable waste oil control regulation of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change of the Republic of Turkey and benefits the country's economy by recycling waste vegetable oils.

We would like to be your solution partner for your vegetable waste oils and to offer you our service as Habitat Vegetable Waste Oil Collection company with our experience in the sector so far. As you know, according to the Waste Vegetable Oils regulation published in 2015, the obligations of the Waste Oil Producer have been determined, the regulation on this subject (http://www.resmigazete.gov.tr/eskiler/2015/06/20150606-5.htm) is attached. presented for your information. Using the frying oil used in your businesses less than necessary harms your business' economy, while using it too much can damage the stomach and cause customer dissatisfaction. However, used oils should be stored in a separate container or waste bins. If it is poured into the sink, it not only causes serious damage to the environment, but also clogs your manholes, causing bad smells from the sink drains in your business. It is very important that you have oil traps and that they work efficiently and that the oil accumulated in the oil contract is taken by the company, it is important to get this service to prevent the problems that your business may experience with the municipalities in this regard and to prevent odor. Habitat company provides services with its licensed vehicles and trained personnel, thanks to the licenses and permits it has obtained from the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change of the Republic of Turkey.

You can easily send us your waste oil requests via our mobile application, all you have to do is download our application from the Android or iOS application store and register with your information.


➢ To be the first company that comes to mind when "Waste Frying Oil" is mentioned in Turkey,

➢ To continue to establish the collection organization throughout Turkey,

➢ Raising the vegetable waste oil collection business in Turkey to European standards,

➢ To produce solutions for collection organization on the basis of households and businesses,

➢ To raise awareness of the waste producer and the public on this issue,

➢ To create a resource booklet by doing research on the subject.


Frying Oils in Our Country;

➢ By ensuring its correct use, public health,

➢ By encouraging the accumulation of our environment and nature,

➢ To support the growth of the country's economy by collecting every drop of it and to be the LEADER brand of its field.

Our ISCC Certificates

ISCC was developed as a worldwide certification scheme. It covers sustainable production criteria, management criteria, traceability documentation evaluation and an evaluation of greenhouse gas savings calculations.

ISCC Certificate - 1
ISCC Certificate - 2

Our Environmental License;

- The Environmental License is a qualification document that allows businesses that collect, sort, recycle, recycle and dispose of wastes from waste treatment facilities, obtained from the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change of the Republic of Turkey, to carry out the said activities.

Licence 1. Copy
Licence 2. Copy