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We Collect Our Energy From Waste Vegetable Oils.

Dear Authority,

Thanks to the licenses and permits obtained from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Habitat company provides services with its licensed warehouses, vehicles and trained personnel.

Privileged Service of Our Company Collecting Waste Plantal Oil

➢ You can always reach us by entering your city code on our phone number

0850 850 28 45, and you can forward your requests and demands,

➢ All kinds of information about the Integrated Environmental Information System and Motat are available on our website. Please click hereto get support.

➢ You can create a request for the purchase of waste plantal oil through our Habitat Mobile Application, and you can easily send us the Transport Control Number you have created through the Waste Management Application and follow up for the following transactions. For detailed information about our Mobile Application, please click here.

➢ Our personnel are trained, certified, Habitat-wearing, company-identified employees who are trained to enter your kitchen,

➢ Our vehicles are tracked with vehicle tracking systems and they work with the Mobile Hazardous Waste Transportation system that tracks oil purchase online,

➢ We regularly remove the oil accumulated on your oil trap, we provide technical support in this regard,

➢ We keep track of your waste plantal oils and plan visits on the same day every week,

➢ When the bins we leave at your facility are filled with waste vegetable oil, we leave all cleaned bins instead.

Our Principle: Neat, Fast, Quality, Solution-Oriented and Environmentalist Service.

We Collect Our Energy From Waste Vegetable Oils

Vegetable Waste Oil Service Line: (0850) 850 28 45
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Waste Management Application
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Vegetable Waste Oil

Vegetable waste oil ; are the oils that have not been used yet but are not suitable for use due to various reasons or due to the deterioration of their structure by interacting with any substance, and these are generally classified as hazardous waste and endanger human health.

Why You Should Give Your Waste Vegetable Oils to Habitat

Waste oils have ecotoxic properties. It causes destruction by polluting the receiving environment and destroying the habitats of the creatures living in the environment. When waste oils are mixed with water; It covers the clean water surface and prevents the contact of the water with the air. It prevents the transfer of oxygen from the air to the water, causing a decrease in oxygen over time. Waste vegetable oils reaching the sea, stream and lake harm birds, fish and other living species.

At this point, the issue of recycling, which is of great importance for the future of our world, requires us to be conscious consumers for our own future. It is obvious that this sensitivity is not only a necessity but also a responsibility that we will gladly fulfill for our environment, health and future generations.

Waste vegetable oils that we collect through recycling become a source for bioenergy, which offers us the right opportunities for renewable energy. The biodiesel fuels we obtain from these sources emit half of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to petroleum-based fuels. For this, you can save your vegetable oils, which have become waste oil in businesses and homes, in the hoop-lid cans you provide from us or by using containers such as plastic bottles with the mouth tightly closed. As Habitat Recycling, we collect these wastes from your doors.