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Diyarbakır vegetable Waste Oil Collection

Habitat Recycling has entered into an agreement with the Municipality of Diyarbakır. We provide authorized VEGETABLE WASTE OIL COLLECTION service in the entire Diyarbakır region. At the same time, we collect your waste oils in all provinces of the Diyarbakır region. Bağlar, Bismil, Çermik, Çınar, Çüngüş, Dicle, Eğil, Ergani, Hani, Hazro, Kayapınar, Kocaköy, Kulp, Lice, Silvan, Sur, Yenişehir. You can contact us from our Diyarbakır Vegetable Waste Oil Collection Line: 0 (850) 850 28 45 

What Is Vegetable Waste Oil?

Vegetable oils are the general name of oils obtained from oilseed crops such as olive, sunflower, corn, cotton, soy, canola and safflower. Vegetable oil waste mainly occurs in places such as Shopping Malls, Homes, Businesses and Restaurants.

Pouring vegetable waste oils into sinks can cause serious enviromental damage. In partiuclar,  the oils which reached to underwater and directly to seas and lakes through dirt road or sewage prevents the water from gaining oxygen caused of the film layer they formed. They cause harm to the living creatures living in these waters leaving them without oxygen. These oils also cause blockages in sewer systems basically causing problems like clogging.

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