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What is vegetable waste oil?
The vegetable waste oil is the general name oils obtained from olive, sunflower, corn, cotton, soy, canola and oil plant seeds. Vegetable oil waste occurs mainly in shopping centers, houses, workplaces and restaurants.
Which Wastes Are Evaluated within the Scope of Vegetable Oil?
Used frying oils and expired fats and oils are common vegetable wastes
Is there any harm from vegetable waste oils?
The vegetable waste oils; should not be poured into sink, soil or water supply, should not be burned and should not be used in the making of soup! Vegetable waste oils can cause various damage to nature and living things.

Vegetable waste oils;
• It should not be poured into the sink because it blocks the sewage system, increases operating costs, increases the load of the wastewater treatment plant and negatively affects the treatment efficiency and causes the destruction of evaluable waste.
• It should not be poured into the soil because it negatively affects the strucure of the soil by polluting and in waste oils, water-soluble pollutants are transported to groundwater due to precipitation, causing groundwater contamination.
• It should not be poured into a source of water beacuse it negatively affects the life of underwater creatures by polluting, it covers the surface of the water, preventing the transfer of oxygen from air to water and adversely affecting the life of aquatic creatures and above all 1 liter of waste oil pollutes 1,000,000 liters of water.
• It should not be burned because it negatively affects the life of living things by polluting air.
• It should not be used in the making of soup because it can cause skin cancer.

How to recycle vegetable waste oils?

Vegetable oil waste can be recycled mainly in five stages.These are the steps:

• It is deposited separately from other wastes.
• It is taken to collection points determined by municipalities or licensed companies, waste collection centers.
• It is ensured that vegetable waste oils are taken by companies licensed for recycling.
• Biogas or Biodiesel is obtained from vegetable waste oils in environmentally licensed recovery facilities.
• It can also be used by mixing certain proportions of fuel as it is used on its own in motor vehicles.

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