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Waste Oils Turn Into Forests

Habitat Recycling organized a waste oil collection campaign under the guidance of Konak Rotary and Rotarackt fellowship in Konak, district of Izmir. Within the scope of this campaign, vegetable waste oils are being transformed into forests.

A waste oil collection campaign was organized under the leadership of Konak Rotary and Rotarackt leaderships located in Konak District of Izmir. More than 500 liters were collected in this campaign with the help of Demirtas Rotary and Bursa Rotarackt. The income from the collected oils will be converted into a an area of 150 trees.

1 liter of used oil poured into the sink makes the daily consuming water unusable for 4,500 people.

Ilkay Söylemezoğlu, President of Konak Rotary Club, who made a press release about the campaign together with Irem Sayın, President of Konak Rotaract Club, stated that according to the 2018 data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT), 1 liter of used oil poured into the sink makes the water consumed by about 4500 people unusable daily. Ilkay Soylemezoglu; “ In the campaign we organized, we collected vegetable waste oil in excess of 500 liters with the assistance of Habitat Recycling and Environment and the work of Rotarians. We work in a wide area from Cesme to Foca in Izmir. Bursa Rotaract and Demirtas Rotary, JCI Izmir associations in Izmir, local businesses, our conscious citizens who do not pour oil into the sink at home, and our Konak Interact Club supported us during the oil collection phase. Our project was completed in one month. 250 thousand people’s daily consumption water will be kept clean with the collected oils, while the 150 saplings provided will find life in the Rotary Peace Forest in cooperation with the Aegean Forest Foundation. We have prevented the destruction of waste oils to nature to some extent, created awareness by attracting the attention of consumers, and supported the afforestation efforts of our region by donating seedlings with the income obtained. We are happy.” said.

Söylemezoğlu added that they will renew similar campaigns in the coming times.


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