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4 Thousand 412 Liters of Waste Oil Were Collected in Izmir Buca in 1 Year

In Buca district of Izmir, 4 thousand 412 liters of vegetable waste oil has been collected by the municipality in the last year. the Buca’s citizens who brought 5 liters and more of waste oil were given dishwashing detergent as a gift, while the waste oils collected were recycled.

With the project implemented by the Buca Municipality Climate Change Directorate, awareness was created to prevent the clogging of vegetable oil waste used in homes by pouring it into sink expenses and to eliminate the dangers posed by nature. While environmental awareness was created for citizens with the project, waste oils collected were brought to the economy through recycling and contributed to the economy. Within the scope of the project, in which citizens showed great interest, 4 thousand 412 liters of waste oil were collected in the last year.

As Habitat Recycling and Environment, we are honored to help collect collect vegetable waste oil with the campaign initiated by Izmir Buca Municipality. Environmentally conscious societies are required to provide all vegetable waste oils to recycling companies in order to prevent pollution caused by the mixing of vegetable waste oils that contribute to recycling into the sink, soil or sea.

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