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Our Application Privacy

Habitat Recycling Android Apps Privacy Policy

İşbu Privacy Policy will be entering the force with the installation of the mobile application on devices of the people (users) who will have Access to Habitat Recycling application belonging to Habitat Recycling and Environment San.Tic.Ltd.Sti.

This Privacy Policy is provided by Habitat Recycling and Environment San.Tic.Ltd. It contains provisions on the collection, use and processing of information belonging to Users in order to benefit Users from the services within the scope of the Mobile Application (Habitat Recycling). Habitat Recycling may change the provisions of this Privacy Policy unilaterally by publishing them on its Mobile Application at any time. The provisions of the Privacy Policy amended by Habitat Recycling enter into force on the date of publication of the work in this Mobile Application.

If users want to leave the Mobile Application, it will be enough for them to uninstall the application.

1. Accessing Location and Device Information

When users log in by installing the Mobile Application, device information, contact information and location information will be checked to access their location information. Location information to be obtained within the scope of the Mobile Application will not be recorded on servers, and Users have been allowed to track their location on the map decker of the mobile application according to their own wishes. As Habitat Recycling, users do not have the ability to see their location.

The device information is taken to enable the GPS feature to be turned on if the User wants to see their location within the application, to ensure that the phone does not enter the standby state during the time the application is active (the screen light remains on), it will not be stored on any server belonging to Habitat Recycling and will be recorded within the device.

Contact information is collected at the request of the User in order to make calls to the phone numbers provided in the application, send mail to their email addresses, it will not be stored on any server belonging to Habitat Recycling and will be recorded in the device.

1.1 Use of Information

As Habitat Recycling, no personal data of the User is kept in the data storage areas belonging to us during the application usage periods. Information (preferences) belonging to the user within the application can be deleted from the device by actions such as resetting the user’s preferences, uninstalling the application.

2.2 Sharing of Information

As Habitat Recycling, it is explained in the title “1.1 Use of Information” that the User’s information in the Mobile Application is not kept in any way in the data storage areas belonging to us. Data that is not recorded on the basis of this title will not be shared with third parties.

2. User Permissions

Permissions that must be approved by the User and obtained without approval in order for the application’s features to work compatible with the device.

2.1 Camera Permission

This permission is used to create a request with QR Code reading Usage status; a request can be created by reading a qr code on the main page screen.

2.2 Storage Permission

This permission allows storing the icons used in the application and the application’s database in the device’s memory.

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